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March 20, 2005



I love to wear them and smell them and to see up sirls skirts. 24 male from iowa


A man after my own heart! I, too, enjoy a nicely stained pair of panties

Dirty Panties by Jhazzie

That's so interesting, I have a pair of panties exactly like that very last pair. They are one of my comfortable ones I like to wear during that "time of the month".



If my cousin stays at my house an changes I'll always sniff an lik her thongs I'll even lik the string that's been in her ass all day

Don Kiddick

I agree. If you can find them soon after they've been put in the washbasket in the morning, they smell really good. The best ones I've found were sticky with so much fanny-juice that she must have had a really wet dream, or masturbated before getting out of bed, in the next bedroom to me; That REALLY turned me on!!!

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